About party

We in the Direct Democrats are united in the desire to make Sweden the best country in the world. It may sound like a grandiose version. You can not create the best country in the world in the blink of an eye, and what does the best country in the world really mean? By the best country in the world, we mean that the will and needs of citizens are prioritized in every political area. Not just the areas that happen to be popular in the current election. For all policy areas are important and the needs of all citizens must be given priority.

Do you feel that there is no party whose opinions are in line with you to 100%? Then we are the party for you.

The direct Democrats…

  • Is a party that puts the citizens first
  • Allows you to vote for different parties in different political fields
  • Gives you the opportunity to vote directly in the questions you care about
  • Is actively working to continue developing democracy
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